Tattoo Aftercare: Important Things You Should Know 

A tattoo is actually considered more than just an art as well as a way on how to show off your personal style. As a matter of fact, it is a medical procedure since a tattoo artist uses a needle in order to insert inks underneath the skin of a person. And, as you open the skin, chances are you leave yourself totally vulnerable to infections and scarring. 

Tattoo Aftercare 

Fortunately, caring for your tattoo in a proper way can help prevent these certain health complications from taking place and you can also be able to make sure that it will heal property. As a matter of fact, both you as well as your tattoo artist play the same roles in this certain process. Aside from making sure that you go to a reputable and licensed tattoo artist, you should also need to care for your new tattoo in the most proper and safest way. To know more about this, visit 

Daily Tattoo Aftercare Tips 

How quickly your tattoo heals actually depends on your tattoo’s size as well as how intricate it is. In fact, bigger tattoo designs will stay swollen and red in a longer period of time, since they can cause more trauma on your skin.  

Day 1 

You will come home from your tattoo artist with a cover of bandage over your new tattoo. But, after a few hours, the bandage can then be removed. It’s important that you ask your tattoo artist for specific instructions about how long you should wait before you can remove the bandage. 

When the bandage comes off, you will probably notice some fluid that is oozing from your tattoo. This is actually some extra ink as well as plasma, which happens to be blood’s clear part – and it is completely normal. Aside from that, your skin will also turn red and might sore. It may also feel slightly warm to touch.  

When cleaning, make sure that your hands are clean and wash your tattoo with a fragrance-free soap as well as warm water. Then, apply a petroleum ointment and leave the bandage cover off so that the tattoo can completely heal. 

Days 2 to 3 

This time, your new tattoo will have a cloudy, duller appearance. This actually happens the moment your skin heals. Aside from that, scabs will also start to form. Make sure that you wash your tattoo at least once or twice daily as well as apply an alcohol or fragrance-free moisturizes. And, when you are washing, you may notice some ink into the sink. This is actually normal since it can only be excess ink coming up through the outer layer of your skin.  

Days 4 to 7 

The area of your skin where you had your new tattoo should start to fade by now. You will also notice at this point light scabbing over your tattoo. The scabs will be slightly raised but you should make sure that you do not pick at the scabs since this can also cause scarring. Let it peel off naturally and keep washing the tattoo at least once or twice daily and apply moisturizer afterwards. Do this until your tattoo heals completely.

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